Hurricane Ida Path Map?

I live in the states and i've heard about the possibility of landfall out of one of these new tropical storms / hurricane in the atlantic ocean. The Ida Hurricane, according to the local weather, has a small chance of effecting the southeast coast.
Can anyone let me know the exact path of hurricane ida? Maybe with a map?

asked by Loren in Weather | 5157 views | 11-08-2009 at 05:09 PM

A hurricane watch has been issued for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi as Hurricane Ida begins making its way through the Gulf of Mexico toward the U.S.

This is what you should do:
* Listen to a NOAA Weather Radio for critical information from the National Weather Service (NWS).
* Check your disaster supplies and replace or restock as needed.
* Bring in anything that can be picked up by the wind (bicycles, lawn furniture).
* Close windows, doors and hurricane shutters. If you do not have hurricane shutters, close and board up all windows and doors with plywood.

This is the Hurricane Ida Path Map:

answered by Thomas | 11-08-2009 at 05:11 PM

Hurricane Ida
Ida is now supposed to hit east of New Orleans, sometime around 7 am Tuesday morning

answered by Guest | 11-09-2009 at 01:16 AM

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