Was Justin Bieber Smoking For Real? Is There a Video?

I love Justin Bieber and I heard that there is a real video where he's smoking. I cannot believe it, for me he was always the best and now I'm in shocked. Maybe is because he is famous, and it's hard when you have so many problems and people around you, but Justin? I hope this video is fake, but all the people is saying that Bieber was smoking for real. This is not for me, because I can understand, but my little sister love him and I don't want her to see her favorite singer smoking. Do you know if there is a real Justin Bieber's video where he is smoking?

asked by Esther in Internet | 2051 views | 01-08-2013 at 12:46 PM

Justin Bieber was smoking and there is a real video. I know that you are worried for your little sister, but you have to understand that is not easy to be a star, with a lot of fans and people watching what are you doing all the time. Also, I heard that Justin Bieber broke up with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, and people say that he really wants her back, so maybe this smoking incident was just for this hard moment he is going through. In the video you will see the pictures of Justin smoking and how his fans are blaming his friend Lil Twist for this situation.
I know it's bad, especially for girls when they are so young, but we have to understand that he is young with love and life problems, like the tragic death of a photographer who was chasing after Bieber's Ferrari.
Here you have the video where you will see for real what happened:

answered by Kathryn | 01-08-2013 at 12:48 PM

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