New Winter 2013 Hair Color Trends For Women?

I wanted to change my hair color and I would like to know what are the trends for women in this winter 2013. I never changed my hair and that's why I'm a little worried, but I really want to look different, especially in this winter. I liked the color trends for women last year and I hope this 2013 will be great too. I don't care if I have to change all my head because is really dark, but I wanted to make a change in my life, and I think that when you change your hair, you look different and you feel different. There are a lot of options for women but this time I want to follow the color trends. Do you know what are they for this winter 2013?

asked by Diana13 in Hair | 2983 views | 01-02-2013 at 02:37 PM

I was searching a lot the new winter 2013 hair color trends for women, and some are similar to last year, but others aren't. This time, the blonde or light part is in the root and the darker color is in the bottom, so if you want to follow the winter 2013 hair trends for women you should try with this style.
Also, you can make a real change using different colors and mix them. You can use yellow, red or green, and put those is the ends or dye your whole hair using one of these intense colors. This winter 2013 you will see blond women and other with a really dark hair, because this trend is expected to rise this time.
You have to be brave and bet for a new style, because as you said, if you look different, you feel different and I'm sure all your friends will love it too.

answered by Cora | 01-02-2013 at 02:38 PM

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