Government Shutdown December 2011?

I rarely keep up with the news but I keep on hearing that the Government is going on a shutdown in December 2011 and someone told me so the other day. What's going on really? Is this true? What will happen if there is a Government shutdown in December? Is 2011 end up being an awful year after all? I would like someone to answer as I don't follow the news much as I said before.
It sounds like a really bad thing though, for me it looks like the December 2011 Government shutdown means that it ran out of money, is that the case?

asked by Caroline in Law & Ethics | 2189 views | 12-17-2011 at 01:47 AM

Apparently there will be a Government shutdown because of the absence of spending legislation. Democrats are reluctant to cut anything from the 3.7 trillion dollar budget, and Republicans demand them to start making cuts and then proposed an ammendment to the budget which gets rid of a 450 B jet engine programme and some other government's programmes.
A Government shutdown in December 2011 will be really bad for the economy though. Democrats vow not to vote for it and Republicans vow not to approve the budget until they do so. It's just the liberals threatening to shutdown if Republicans don't bow down to them.
I just hope things go smoothly in December 2011, so we can have a nice Christmas time.

answered by Alan | 12-17-2011 at 01:50 AM

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