May 21st Harold Camping Predictions?

Harold Camping is a guy who has made a series of predictions about the end of the world taking place on May 21st.
Some consider Harold Camping an insane man, other fervently believe him and are prepared for rapture day.
The thing is, Harold Camping has made judgement day predictions before and he failed, so why is there some people believing him now? Don't they realize he is a phony and this is a hoax?
Doomsday is not going to happen on May 21, the world is far from ending.

asked by Charles in Paranormal Phenomena | 4518 views | 05-12-2011 at 10:31 PM

People believe Harold Camping's predictions because they're just as crazy as he is.
Harold Camping claims he made calculations from the bible and the book suggests the end of the world will happen on May 21st.
Yesterday, a bunch of people with signs about May 21st being doomsday, went to the building I work.
I don't know what is this people trying to achieve, if they really think judgement day is near based on the predictions, they should spend more time preparing for it, instead of being in the street with a retarded sign.

answered by Vanessa | 05-12-2011 at 10:33 PM

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