Ariana Iacono: Clayton High School Student Photo?

Ariana Iacono has been suspended by Clayton High School, in North Carolina, twice after being told the stud violates the established dress code.
Ariana Iacono is a 14-year-old student and she wears her nose ring as a religious symbol. She and her mother are members of the young, but incorporated Church of Body Modification, which views piercings, tattoos, among other rituals, as a way to spiritually strengthen the connection between body, mind and soul.
Can anyone let me know where can I see a photo of Ariana Iacono's nose ring or piercing?

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Ariana belongs to the Church of Body Modification, a religious group that promotes body modification. Ariana's mom, Nikki Iacono, supports her daughter's decision to wear her barely there stud. She says it's a tangible manifestation of her her daughter's ability to overcome obstacles.
Johnston County schools like Clayton High School forbid facial piercings. Ariana Iacono faces long-term suspension if she doesn't remove the piercing.
Iacono’s family reportedly contacted the American Civil Liberties Union for help in the case.
The school offered to allow the girl to wear a plastic retainer in the hole during school hours, but she refused.

Here's a picture of Ariana Iacono's nose piercing.

Ariana Iacono Church of Body Modification

answered by Unique | 09-16-2010 at 10:29 PM

Nothing to do with religion?
All this was planned out in advance to bring attention to the Iaconos and their 15 minutes of fame. This has nothing to do with religious rights. There are many member who have piercing in areas that are in-line with local school dress codes (ears, belly buttons, nipples...etc).

Ariana, you shouldn't be hatching these plans in school because you never know who is listening....

answered by CHS Student | 09-29-2010 at 01:55 PM

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