Kaye Cowher Skin Cancer Death?

Kaye Cowher, the wife of former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, died on Friday. Her death took place after battling skin cancer. She was 54.
Kaye Cowher met Bill in 1976 at N.C. State where Bill was playing football. Faye Cowher played basketball with her twin sister at N.C. State.
She looked like a nice woman. Kaye and Bill had three beautiful daughters.
Did Bill said anything about his wife's death?

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Along with twin sister Faye, Kaye Cowher helped lead the Wolfpack to the Atlantic Coast Conference's first women's basketball title in 1978. The pair also appeared in a Wrigley's Doublemint gum commercial.

Kaye Cowher's daughters Meagan, Lauren, and Lindsay Cowher all followed their mothers' footsteps into Division I college basketball. Meagan and Lauren played together at Princeton, while Lindsay currently plays at Wofford.

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher issued this statement today to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the passing of his wife, Kaye Cowher:

"Sadly, my wife Kaye lost her battle with cancer on Friday. Kaye was such a loving and compassionate person and she was the foundation of our family. Kaye was always at my side throughout my career as a player, coach, NFL analyst and, most importantly, as a parent to our three daughters Meagan, Lauren and Lindsay. They will miss their mother dearly."

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