Toyota Lexus Recall 2010 Models?

More bad news from Toyota. They may be issuing another recall. The company admitted today that 270,000 vehicles are affected by faulty engines. Of course, Toyota’s recall of 8 million cars worldwide due to acceleration and brake problems in previous models is in not-too-distant memory.
The Toyota crisis erupted last September when the company was forced to recall more than 4 million vehicles to fix a problem with accelerator pedals that had been linked to several fatal crashes. And now it's the engine.

Can anyone please post a list with all the Lexus models being recalled by Toyota in 2010?

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Several models of Lexus sedans and the Crown are involved in this new 2010 recall.
It is thought that engines of the affected models have the potential to produce an unusual sound, idle erratically or even stop running because of defects in valve components. Reports in Japan suggest the cause of the defect may be the presence of foreign substances at the manufacturing stage.

List of models affected: Lexus GS 350, GS 450h, GS 460, IS 350, LS 460, LS 600h and LS 600h L, plus the Toyota Crown. About 90,000 of the vehicles that could be affected were sold in Japan, with the rest in other countries.

All other vehicles other than the mentioned model are said to be in compliance to the safety regulation in place. You may remember that just last May, Lexus also conducted a voluntary recall for their LS Models both for 2009 and 2010. As a public reminder, those who are owning those mentioned models should contact Lexus and submit to the recall being made by the company.

The malfunctioning engines mark the latest quality issue to plague the company, whose reputation took a hit earlier this year when it launched massive recalls of some of some of its most popular models.

Toyota said that decisions by government regulators would determine if a recall was necessary for the eight models, including the high-end Lexus LS460 and Toyota Crown sedans.

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