Toyota Engine Recall July 2010 List?

Another month, another major issue for Toyota. The embattled automaker may issue a recall in July 2010 for nearly 270,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles worldwide over stalling engines.
Toyota is investigating an engine fault reportedly affecting the range-topping saloons in its luxury Lexus range that could cause cars to stall unexpectedly.
Is there a list of models recalled?
Obviously, Toyota is a mess right now. They have openly admitted that they focus too much on market share and profits.

Where can I find a list with all the Lexus models recalled by Toyota in July 2010?

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About 270,000 Toyota cars sold worldwide have potentially defective engines, the automaker said Thursday. But it's unclear whether the vehicles will be recalled.

The issue stems from the valve springs in Toyota’s 4.6-liter V-8 and 3.6 3.5-liter V-6 engines that can cause idling problems. This could cause the engine to stall while the vehicle is moving. According to Japanese officials, there haven’t been any accidents linked to the stalling engines.

Eight Toyota and Lexus models would be involved in the July 2010 recall including the Lexus LS460 and the Toyota Crown sedans, according to a Toyota spokeswoman in Tokyo. The possible recalled vehicles may have problems with the valve spring in the engine that may be causing idle trouble that may lead to engine failure, the spokeswoman said.

List of Toyota car models affected in the July 2010 engine recall.

Lexus LS460, Lexus LS600h, Lexus LS600hL, Lexus GS350, Lexus GS450h, Lexus GS460, Lexus IS350 and the Toyota Crown.

Of the 270,000 vehicles affected, some 180,000 were exported around the world and the rest sold in Japan. The vehicles include the Crown model, which is a popular sedan model sold in Asia, and seven models of luxury Lexus sedans.

Since last September, Toyota has been plagued with a safety crisis that has led to the recall of more than 10 million vehicles globally, most for potential unintended acceleration. About 7.3 million vehicles have been recalled in the United States, the automaker's biggest market.

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