Theo Walcott Nike Advert?

Nike has a new advert. A giant rock billboard emulating Mount Rushmore in London featuring the faces of some of the key England players heading to South Africa. Only problem is that one of those key faces happens to be Theo Walcott, who obviously isn’t headed to the World Cup.

Why did Theo Walcott was included in the Nike Advert if he is not going to play in the world cup?
Theo Walcott is also in the nike star wars ad, Nike did a really nice job with the “Write the Future” advert.

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When Nike did the Mount Rushmore advert they thought Theo Walcott was going to play in the world cup.

Theo Walcott was one of seven players axed by Capello when he named his final squad for the World Cup. It was a surprise omission given the trainer's apparent faith in a player whose finest 90 minutes for England produced a hat-trick in the 4-1 dismantling of Croatia during qualifying.

Fabio said:

"I know Theo Walcott was really important in the games we played in qualification. But after his operation on his shoulder he did not play a lot of games. He was not the same player we knew before the injury."

Theo Walcott Nike Advert

The rock sculpture idea for the Nike advert began months ago when each player’s face was electronically scanned in order to produce the most life-like image. The images were used by expert sculptors to then craft at a secret location.

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