Blanche Lincoln Election Results?

Can anyone please summarize the Arkansas Senate 2010 Election results from yesterday?
I'm interested in knowing what happened with Blanche Lincoln.
This is part of a special report I'm making.
Can anyone point me to a summary of Blanche Lincoln Election Results?

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Election results:

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln failed to win the majority of votes in the Democratic primary Tuesday and now faces a three-week fight with Lt. Gov. Bill Halter for her party's nomination.

Already one of the most vulnerable incumbents seeking re-election this year, Lincoln will run against Halter alone in a June 8 runoff. A third candidate, Little Rock businessman D.C. Morrison, drew enough votes Tuesday to force the extra campaign but will not progress.

Whoever wins will face Republican John Boozman in the fall. Boozman, who scrapped a re-election bid for his U.S. House seat in order to challenge Lincoln, defeated seven primary hopefuls as voters rejected claims he was a Washington insider.

Polling before the primary indicated Boozman would defeat either Lincoln or Halter in the general election. All three have spent considerable time in Washington.

In the wake of an Arkansas Senate Battle between Senator Blanche Lincoln and Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter that's headed to a June 8th runoff vote, there is a new scandal.

According to the blog Blue Hog Report out of Arkansas, Blanche Lincoln volunteers are taking down "Bill Halter for Senate" signs.

In a fiery speech to supporters at the Holiday Inn in downtown Little Rock, Lincoln claimed a popular vote victory and insisted that "I have been part of the solution in Washington, I have not been part of the problem."

She also asked Halter to change the tone of what's expected to be rough and tumble runoff campaign. "I want to call on Bill Halter to end all of his negative ads and I will too," Lincoln said. She described herself as the underdog in the race, chiding the national media for writing off her prospects weeks ago.

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