Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Jersey?

Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos Jersey is already on sale online but I was sent a link that didn't work.
Last night was the first night of the NFL draft, and Tim Tebow was drafted by the Broncos. This means that Tebow is trading in palm trees for mountains and heading to Denver.
Where can i buy a Denver Broncos Tim Tebow jersey?

asked by Abraham in Other - Sports | 3012 views | 04-23-2010 at 03:18 PM

Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos Jersey page went online with sales starting on NFL.com during the evening.

The replica Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos jersey by Reebok® is made with quick-drying nylon mesh and designed with screen-printed player and team graphics on the chest, back, sleeves and shoulders.
This is the link to buy one.


The good news: no change in team colors. The Broncos' newest fans can still give a cheer for the orange and blue.

But there's already demand for Tebow NFL jerseys, and NFLShop.com had them available within hours of the Broncos making their 25th overall pick just after 10 p.m. EDT.

For $79.95, you can get one.

Many people are very excited for Tim Tebow. He’s had a profound impact on college football. At every football game he would write a Bible verse underneath his eyes, thus spreading his beliefs to the masses. Of course, he cannot do that in the pros and the “Tebow Effect” has also made it so that collegiate football cannot sport the same markings as well.

So if you’re ready to shell out almost 80 bucks for a replica Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey, just make sure you understand that the official number has yet to be announced and your jersey might look a bit strange if the numbers don’t match.

answered by Grayson | 04-23-2010 at 03:21 PM

One thing everyone seems to agree on is that Tim Tebow's jersey will be among the league's top sellers effective immediately.
I wonder what number he'll wear.

answered by Stephen | 04-23-2010 at 05:24 PM

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