Daylight Savings Time 2010: Time Change Spring 2010?

Spring has arrived and now itís time for the routine Spring time change this 2010.

I don't understand this whole Daylight Savings time change, I never know how to change my clock to the right time.

Can someone explain to me how to change my clock in Spring 2010?

asked by London in Science | 4259 views | 03-14-2010 at 03:05 PM

What time is it? One hour later than you think. Whether you call it "time change spring 2010" or "daylight savings time 2010," it doesn't matter. This day is always a tough one for all you professional sleepers.

The best part is day light savings 2010 means summer time is right around the corner! To find out the what time it is, visit to get the current time in your area and atomic clock time.

Standard time was created to make it easier on the railroads to print schedules. Prior to Standard Time, each locality would set their own standard time. The Government created the four time zones, and many are happy that they did so.

The bad news is that you will be losing one hour of sleep especially if your events/meetings are scheduled for Sunday morning but the great news is that most of your gadgets have built in self-setting alarm clocks therefore you wonít need to touch them.

The clocks are set 1 hour forward on the night of March 13th, or else in the early morning hours of March 14th, as part of the Daylight Savings time change for each year.

answered by Perez | 03-14-2010 at 03:10 PM

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