Fake Silibil 'N Brains: Fake Rappers?

Silibil 'N Brains used to be Gavin Bain and Billy Boyd, two college friends from Dundee, Scotland who tried hard to make a name for themselves as rappers but no one would listen at their music.
So they lied and pretended to be from America.

They changed their name to Silibil 'N Brains and made up stories like they were a rapper group who were close friends to Eminem and D-12.
They became famous after that.

Where can I read the full story of fake rappers Silibil 'N Brains?

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That's right, the boys were absolutely ignored so they changed their names and their story.
They adopted new identities, Bain as Brains McLoud and Boyd as Silibil, and invented an elaborate back story: They were from a small town in California, got kicked out of school and ran out of money in the U.K., where they were currently working to make it as the rap group Silibil 'N Brains. They based their personas on their favorite comedians Jim Carrey, who is actually Canadian, and Chris Tucker and rapped with American accents.

With their fake identities, Silibil 'N Brains eventually signed a $350,000 record deal with Sony U.K. and recorded three albums.

Silibil 'N Brains managed to keep the fake identity for over 2 years before people found out about who they really were.

An appearance on TRL lead to fans and friends revealing on message boards that the two were from Scotland. And while they worked to shut the websites down, the lies were beginning to pile up. "We were so in love with these characters," he says. "We couldn't get out of the character. It was complete insanity."

Silibil 'N Brains eventually split up.

answered by Snow | 07-20-2010 at 02:06 AM

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