Joe Jonas New Haircut!

Fox announced that Jonas Brother fans could summit their ideas of dares the band.

Fans could come up with a dare for the group (or individual members) as well as vote for dares submitted by others. Whatever dares were selected, the Jonas Brothers agreed to do them live on stage while they hosted the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

So what did fans want to see? Joe Jonas getting a haircut!

Where can I see a video?

asked by Nicky in Cycling | 3670 views | 08-11-2009 at 02:34 AM

That was awesome!

Mike Tyson gave Joe Jonas a haircut onstage on the Teen Choice Awards.

Now, while you can see in the video that Joe did sit down and get his hair cut, you canít tell if he is wearing a wig and getting that cut instead. Either way, it was all for fun and if it really was his hair, it will grow back. Hopefully quickly!

But I think it was his real hair, I love him so much.

answered by Sally | 08-11-2009 at 02:37 AM

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