Block a Specific Phone Number

I want to block all calls made from a specific number to my cell phone. Long story short, I broke up with my girlfriend and I don't want to receive call from her, she keeps on calling me.
What should I do on my phone to block a number?
Please let me know.

asked by Logan in Mobile Phones | 3504 views | 07-21-2009 at 11:28 PM

You can permanently block a phone number and never receive calls again from that phone. There's no need for an expensive cell phone blocker or other cell phone, just call your carrier directly and ask customer service representative to block the number.
Make sure you talk with someone who actually speaks English. They will block the number and you'll never receive a call again from that number until you call them back and ask them to remove the block.

answered by Nathan | 07-21-2009 at 11:38 PM

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