Dana Delany Botox: Before and After Pics?

Dana Delany admitted she tried Botox in 2003 on the advice of her skin doctor - to help her stay wrinkle-free but the procedure went wrong and she ended up with a lazy eye.
Dana Delany says she will never try plastic surgery because her dermatologist bungled a Botox injection seven years ago.
Now, Delany vows she won't have plastic surgery.
Where can I find pictures of Dana Delany before and after the Botox procedure?

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Dana Delany's medic had had little practice in how to correctly inject Botox and one shot was enough to make Delany swear off Botox for life.
The doctor killed a nerve when he injected Botox in Dana Delany's forehead.
The botox created a hematoma in her face and the nerve has been dead ever since. It affected the muscle in her right eye.

These are before and after pictures of Dana Delany's face. The left picture show Dana Delany's face after Botox.

Dana Delany Botox before after

Dana said, "so my eye has started to droop a little bit, now that I said this to you, everybody will look for it! I notice it more than anybody else, but I was symmetrical before and now I am not. I stopped going to him right then."

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