Wesley Snipes in Jail: Tax Evasion & Prison Sentence?

Wesley Snipes is on his way to federal prison. The actor has been taken into custody after he was sentenced to 3 years in jail for tax evasion crimes.

Revoking bail for +Wesley Snipes, the judge ordered him to report to prison as directed by the U.S. Marshals Service or Bureau of Prisons.

Wesley Snipes' prison sentence stems from his 2008 conviction relating to three misdemeanor tax charges for failing to file returns for 1999 through 2001.

When is Wesley Snipes exactly going to jail? When is he starting to serve his sentence?

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It is not clear when Wesley Snipes would begin serving his time in prison, however.

Using a pair of e-mails from jurors as evidence, Wesley Snipes's defense team had attempted to argue, among other things, that the actor did not receive a fair trial because some members of the jury presumed his guilt. It's unclear whether another appeal might be attempted.

The sentence was originally handed down in 2008, when Wesley Snipes was convicted of three misdemeanor counts of willfully failing to file federal tax returns, thus shorting Uncle Sam some $7 million.

Wesley Snipesí lawyers can ask the appeals court for relief again and have until December 28 to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. But it is likely that Snipes first would have to report to prison.

The Justice Department has heralded its efforts to prosecute individuals evading taxes, with Snipes as one of its most high-profile examples.

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