Arsenal: Manchester 2010?

Today January 31 2010 I saw a glorious football match. (By the way it's not soccer, it's football.)
The incredible Manchester United vs the much smaller north London team called Arsenal, and could anybody see any other result of the match than a Manchester United win?
Did you watch the match? Did you see how Manchester just squashed the poor Arsenal?
And some even talk about rivalry, there's no rivalry. It's more like a fatherhood relationship.
Arsenal is Manchester's little son.

asked by Parker in Soccer | 2323 views | 01-31-2010 at 08:13 PM

Manchester United slaughtered Arsenal this afternoon.
Even without Cristiano Ronaldo, United’s ability to stifle Arsenal in central midfield and then punish them with quick counter-attacking bursts represented another masterclass in how to deal with Arsène Wenger’s team.
I find Arsenal's style of play very frustrating. it's okay to pass it around as brilliantly as they do but they don't seem to realize that they're allowed to shoot from more than 20 yards.
Arsenal had started brightly, and Andrey Arshavin had an early opportunity but it wasn't nearly enough.
Nani played a starring role for United, with a wonderful flick past two Arsenal defenders leading to the opening goal for United and then laid on a wonderful assist for Wayne Rooney to score United's second. United have the blueprint to beat Arsenal and Arsenal still have no answers to a test they also failed in May.

answered by Dandy | 01-31-2010 at 08:17 PM

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