Anna Faris Naked Photos?

Anna Faris is one of the funniest and sexiest women in the world and now everyone in the world. Some say she is only beautiful because she has lots of plastic surgery and implants on her face buy I disagree.
She is truly hot and she thrives in comedy right now.

In her new movie named Whatís Your Number? she gets completely naked. Where can I see her naked photos? The movie is not out yet, but are there photos already of Anna Faris naked in the movie?

asked by Jess in Controversy | 5726 views | 07-06-2010 at 07:41 PM

Anna Faris previously starred as a Playboy bunny in 2008 film The House Bunny.

But earlier this week 33-year-old Anna Faris shot her first fully nude scene as she stripped for new movie What's Your Number?
Photos of Anna Faris naked are all over the place now.

This is one of the photos of Anna Faris with no clothes.

Anna Faris Naked

Anna was joined by co-star Chris Evans as they filmed scenes for the upcoming romantic comedy in Boston.

After the photo began circulating the Internet speculation quickly followed. Now, many fans are claiming that the photo is not in fact Anna but a body double.

But I'm sure that is in fact Anna Faris, any doubt will be cleared in the movie I guess.

answered by Shark | 07-06-2010 at 07:46 PM

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