Is The New Muppet Movie Good for Kids?

I've read in recent news that the new Muppet movie isn't good for kids as it's been accused of brainwashing their little minds.
For some reason, those puppets look suspiciously evil to some people. Apparently people say the new Muppet movie is not good as it's said to be indoctrinating America’s kids to believe oil tycoons are evil. However, I think that the media are exaggerating a bit when saying these kind of things about a kids' film such as the new Muppet movie, as if it had subliminal messages. Do you think that this movie is good for children?

asked by Cassidy in Movies | 4533 views | 12-28-2011 at 04:40 PM

Yes, the new Muppet movie is good for kids. Everything that takes place in the film is innocent and meant for little children.
In fact, I personally believe oil tycoons are evil so I'll take my children to see the new Muppet movie because it's good for kids to learn these things from a young age. I think whoever said this about the new Muppet movie was right, who could ever be in favor of the oil tycoons? There's no reason to think they're good. I prefer this point of view to those which talk about these people as if they were heroes.

answered by Bettany | 12-28-2011 at 04:42 PM

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