Jerry Fuchs Died?

So is the rumor true? That Jerry Fuchs died?
I can't believe it, I'm going to miss you man, you were so young.
I hope this is just a lie, please confirm if Jerry Fuchs died. I hope not.

asked by Omar in Music | 3222 views | 11-08-2009 at 08:54 PM

Yes Jerry died.
Fuchs passed away on Saturday, November 7.

I will miss him too, he was very talented. Here's a video of Jerry Fuchs showing his drum habilities for those of you who don't know him.

answered by Lilu | 11-08-2009 at 08:56 PM

Jerry Fuchs is dead.
Rest In Peace Jerry.

I was at the Soho Lounge and End of an Ear shows. They were incredible.

answered by Brendan | 11-08-2009 at 08:58 PM

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