Jerry Kane Ohio?

One of the two men who shot and killed a pair of police officers along an Arkansas interstate was identified Friday as Jerry Kane, an Ohio man who once prompted a sheriff to warn others that he might be dangerous to law enforcement officers.

A Web site dedicated to the memory of Jerry Kane from Ohio and his 16-year-old son, Joe, describes them as loving and compassionate, but police said the pair was anti-law enforcement, anti-government, and armed and dangerous.

Investigators said Jerry Kane and his son were responsible for a violent shootout on Thursday in West Memphis, Ark., when two narcotics officers were shot to death.

Both Jerry and Joe Kane pulled out AK-47s on police officers after they were performing drug interdiction. The officers pulled their white van over when the two “men” began shooting at them with their AK-47s. Both Officers Brandon Paudert as well as Bill Evans were killed almost immediately.

Is there a picture of Jerry Kane and his son Joe Kane?

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Jerry Kane and his son Joe were loving and compassionate to themselves in a selfish and psycho sort of way! The two Kanes have been traced back to a Ohio to a now closed down church that has ties to white supremacist groups.

A background check of Jerry Kane shows that he had been married to a woman named Hope.
Jerry Kane was arrested April 10 in Lincoln County, New Mexico, for concealing his identity and driving with a suspended/revoked driver’s license. Kane was released two days later after posting $1,500 bond.

Ohio police records describe Kane as a burly man, 6-foot 2 and 230 pounds, and who for a time at least sported a black beard.

Picture of Jerry Kane from Ohio.

Jerry Kane Ohio

Arkansas authorities said Kane and a person traveling with him in a white minivan opened fire Thursday on two West Memphis police officers who were working a drug detail along Interstate 40. It wasn't known why the officers pulled over the minivan.

According to reports, the minivan driven by Kane during Thursday's shootout -- which also left two other police officers injured -- was registered to an address in New Vienna, Ohio, called House of God's Prayer.

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