iPhone 4 Problems: Screen, Antenna & Reception?

A group of early owners is reporting lots of problems with the iPhone 4's screen, antenna and reception.

When powered up, some phones experience yellow screen discoloration or a constellation of white spots. The other problem with the iPhone 4 is reduced call reception when holding the phone with your left hand. If you hold it with your right hand it's ok since you're not covering the antenna, but if you're a lefty you're in trouble.

Also, there are so many complaints about the iPhone 4's bad reception. If you compare the iPhone 3GS with the iPhone 4G in terms of reception, iPhone 4 sucks.

Is Apple going to solve this? I really wanted an iPhone 4 but I'm not buying it with all these problems, I'll wait until they fix them.

asked by Kyle in Mobile Phones | 2554 views | 06-24-2010 at 07:47 PM

A number of buyers have reported that iPhone 4's antenna, a metallic strip that's located on the bottom of the device, is baffled when a user wraps their hand around that part of the phone. That's a huge problem.

Some iPhone 4 owners are noticing that touching the seams--particularly when holding the iPhone 4 in their bare left hands--interrupts reception, slowly causing the phone to lose its signal and eventually dropping calls.

Some say the signal problem with the iPhone 4 may be the fault of Apple's new operating system, not its new hardware.

Dozens of videos have now been placed on YouTube, with angry users complaining about how the phone’s reception suddenly plunges to almost zero when they wrap their fingers around it.
According to Gizmodo, the new iPhone is frequently losing calls on the AT&T network with some users complaining that people on the other end of a call can no longer hear them once the signal drops to one bar.

One commenter on Gizmodo's post said that they contacted Apple about the problem, and a customer service rep suggested that the person purchase a Bumper, a piece of rubber made by Apple that wraps around the phone, thus preventing direct contact with the antenna.

There have also been early reports of problems with the iPhone’s screen.
Some customers said the yellow magically faded away as the day wore on and their new phones got more use. A popular explanation of the phenomenon is that the yellowness is from the glue used to attach the screen to the iPhone's body. Since Apple manufactured and shipped the phones so quickly, some bloggers say, the glue had not dried yet on some phones.

Demand for iPhone 4 is such that Ebay sellers have been asking for—and getting—prices that are marked up by 300% or more. One Ebay merchant sold a 32GB black iPhone 4 for more than $900 Wednesday.

answered by Marian | 06-24-2010 at 07:59 PM

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