Comedian Charlie Callas Death?

Charlie Callas, a stand-up comedian and Mel Brooks regular who worked on television, in films and on stage for five decades, died in a Las Vegas hospice.

Mr. Callas appeared on virtually every television variety and talk show in the days of Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, Merv Griffin and Johnny Carson.

Callas had an old-fashioned kind of humor that doesn't seem politically correct today.

Does anyone know what happened to Charlie Callas? How old was he at the time of his death?

asked by Kristen in Celebrity | 1865 views | 01-28-2011 at 09:56 PM

Charlie was a zany comedian who made his mark on TV in the 1960s, 70′s, and 80′s, often using sound effects as punch lines to his jokes.

Callas began his career as a drummer working with the likes of Tommy Dorsey and Buddy Rich.

He was 86 according to IMDB and other news sources, although the AP, Hollywood Reporter and some other sources say he was 83.

Charlie Callas died at a hospice of natural causes, according to his son Mark.

answered by Nathan | 01-28-2011 at 09:57 PM

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