Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV With Built in DVD Player Review?

The Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player is currently at woot for $299.99 + $5 shipping shipping. I'm looking for a review.


* 26.0” Diagonal widescreen 720p LCD display
* Built-In Slot Loading DVD player
* Official DivX® Certified product. Plays all versions of DivX® video (including DivX 6) with standard playback of DivX media files
* Built-In ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital tuning allows for tuning of standard cable channels as well as off-air digital broadcasts
* Can be used in conjunction with a computer, and the A/V Input, HDMITM Inputs, and Component Input can be used for gaming and receiving HD broadcasts

Is there a review of this products? LCDs can be very complicated.

asked by Anne in TVs | 4050 views | 12-07-2009 at 03:34 PM

Found some good reviews on the web:

"wrote this review solely to mitigate the woman who gave it a 1 because it doesn't display analog over the air signals well. I challenge her to find ANY LCD HD TV that does. They all stink at it, as it's the nature of the technology, so unless she writes a review of every LCD TV and gives them all 1's, she shouldn't condemn this one. My Sharp HD LCD has the same issue. Displays great DTV picture, great DVD picture, great picture when using even composite input from Dish Network, but horrible picture from analog tuner. That's life in 2007..."

"Toshiba has been my favorite brand for 5 years. Each model is better than the others. First of all, this model needs an extra manual just to use the many options!! Some people are put off by that fact, but it just means that this is high quality which equals years of enjoyment. My primary reason for Toshiba combos is that the built in dvd player will memorize the stopped point of a movie even when the set is not in use. This model will also remain in dvd mode when the set is off. My other models will automatically switch to tv mode again when the set is turned off. With the trash on tv these days, 99% of the time I watch dvd's, so this feature is convienent. Saves a step on the remote. Picture is crystal clear & crisp. It is annoying that the default picture size is "normal" which does not fill out the screen (what's the point of 26 inches when you don't get a 26 inch view). I use the "theatre 1" which does give a 26 inch picture. It does not hold from dvd to dvd or from tv to dvd though. After a disc is ejected or tv/dvd mode is switched the picture has to be adjusted once more. Besides this flaw, I still love the quality of this model."

Source: amazon.

answered by Meredith | 12-07-2009 at 03:42 PM

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