Is Zoe Saldana Black, Hispanic or Biracial?

I was thinking about Zoe Saldana's race and I can't figure out whether she is black, Hispanic or biracial, what do you think? She seems to have a bit of the three but I couldn't tell certainly. To me, she looks mixed like Halle Berry, so Zoe Saldana is probably not black nor Hispanic but biracial.
Her face has traces of beauty that you can't find in any other girl, I think her ethnicity is special. I didn't find any information on her bio so I thought any of you probably know. Does anyone know whether Zoe Saldana is black, Hispanic or biracial?

asked by Emmett in Movies | 5072 views | 12-30-2011 at 01:03 PM

Zoe Saldana is both black and Hispanic, you can even say she's biracial and it looks great. If you read her wiki page, it says that she's a mix of black and Hispanic, that's what makes her look so special I guess. I can't think of any other celebrities who looks like her but you can easily identify mix of races on people.
She must have been even prettier when she was younger.
Just like our president, her ethnicity has traces of black, white and Hispanic.

answered by Fiona | 12-30-2011 at 01:07 PM

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