Granicrete Countertops?

I have been thinking of replacing my counters with granite, but I saw something at a home show called granicrete. It is supposed to be lighter and doesn't require reglazing, etc.

Has anyone seen or used Granicrete for countertops or anything else? It was just on Extreme Home Makeover and looked good. They seem very flexible in their applications.
Wondered if anyone knew about it.

Are Granicrete Countertops easy to install?

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I just took one of Granicrete's seminars and it was mainly hands-on learning. The seminars are designed to meet not only the needs of the novice but also enhance the skills of the professional.

Here is what I got from the seminar:

1. A Complete documented Manual.

2. I learned all facets for a successful Granicrete installation. Example: Preparation, each Granicrete step, and post-maintenance are thoroughly covered.

3. You will get your hands dirty as you learn and make your own samples to keep.

I highly recommend that anyone attend a Granicrete seminar and gain the these the priceless benefits from their hands-on seminars.

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very happy with granicrete
I just had my countertops refinished with granicrete. love it!!! it looks like marble. to be honest i didn't do much research. i seen an ad in my local newspaper for $30 sq ft, no hidden charges. the fellow came out to my home with 5 different samples. it took them 2 days to complete.
home depot charges $45 sq ft, in my area, but....they wanted to charge me $400 to "cut out the sink" plus another $200 to "demo" the old countertops. granicrete cost me $1,200 & granite would have cost me over $2,000. they wanted to nickle & dime me to death.
I love the look and I'm very happy with their product, i think it actually looks better than granite, but.....y'all are scaring me with the "scratching" the fellow told me it was scratch resistant.

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Granicrete countertops
What seems to be constantly overlooked in all this discussion is that Granite, is a natural stone, (see the June USA today article on Real stone issues) and is expensive , heavy, porous, has high maintenance issues (if maintained properly), when repairs are needed it will always show, is not seamless , and unless you buy Chinese granite is basically unaffordable to most homeowners,, and don't even mention silestone etc.....The new sealer that Granicrete uses now for the countertops holds up very well and does protect the countertop much better than the old diamond coats which will no longer be made and sold.... That being said if your top does get too scratched it doesn't take much effort to wet sand and reseal, it looks brand new again. Don't forget either that when it comes time to want to change the countertop looks you can with little cost.

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Decorative Artist
I have been meaning to take an icoat class since Dec. but haven't had the finances. Now the distributer of faux finishing products that I buy from is going to be distributing Granicrete/Aurastone, and she's so great I want to buy from her, but ultimately I want to provide the BEST product to my clients (and myself.) I'm more confused now than ever about which company I should get trained by.

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granite transformations
I used Grantite Transformations for my kitchen counters and backsplash a couple of years ago. Before buying it I tried several items on the samples to see if it would stain - none did even after sitting 24-48 hours e.g. red wine, mustard, curry powder, lemon juice, strawberry jam. They tell you upfront two of the colours you have to be careful with in regards to staining. I was told the only thing that stains the other colours is hair dye. It is very easy to care for as another person has stated - soap and water - no sealing. I have had a lot of compliments on it. I have had no problems with cracking, chipping. I am very happy with it and was happy with the service and installer. Since I had laminate countertops previously I continue to treat this product the same i.e. no hot pots, use cutting boards so can't say much about their claims in this area. I have set a couple of hot cookie sheets on it and no problems.

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Granicrete Distributor/owner/installer/Trainer
The Granicrete Systems are easy to learn, easy to use, fun to work with. They are easily installed by a Certified Installer. Or if you like you may take the training to learn how to install your own.
Granicrete is "Not" the same as transformations. The product can be installed over existing counter tops if sound, or you can get a New countertop made. We do either at our location and are in our 4th year of business. You can get pretty much any style or colour that you wish, from concrete to granite, marble and beyond. You wil be amazed with the affordable elegance of Granicrete and the selection available.
Check the information yourself at Provincial Granicrete Supply or Granicrete International. Either can help find the closest Installer to you. We look forward to helping with your unique needs and finding answers for you. There are Distributors and Installers across Canada and the U.S.

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I currently have a dark granicrete counter, high gloss in my home. It's fantastic and has been for three years. Its had pans on it, knifes dropped on it and has not been carefully used and it still looks good. My daughter has a white and grey, mainly white counter, high gloss, in her home, a red and black kitchen table and coffee tables. She has a toddler and two labs. her counters have been in place for over two years and still look new. Maybe we were lucky, maybe we had good installers. We were told white counter tops were not a good option if exposed to direct sunlight by Tim Phelps, Marc and other employees, salesmen, trainers and installers. I know of one solid white counter in our area and he is happy, but then he only gets a little light as it moves across the counter as the sun moves. His counter is 3 years old.
We each need to gather our own information and determine what is best for us. Perhaps people have their own agendas. I might to? Anyway, think about and good luck. Make an informed choice.
I think we hear the message we want to hear.

answered by Guest | 04-04-2012 at 12:39 PM

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