Arizona Rebates For Energy Star Appliances?

The Cash for Appliances program started Monday at 6 a.m. in the state of Arizona. Within less than an hour, some rebates had actually already sold out.

Arizona’s Appliance Rebate Program was designed as an incentive for purchasing energy star efficient appliances.

If you ever wanted to buy new energy efficient appliances, now is the time thanks to a $6.2 Million state rebate plan.

The new appliances must be replacing existing appliances and must be bought in a store in Arizona.

Does anyone have a list of stores and products that are part of the Arizona Rebates For Energy Star Appliances program?

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Arizona residents will be able to access the $6,237,000 in rebates available for ENERGY STAR qualified appliances from April 12 until funds are exhausted as part of the "Cash for Appliances" rebate program.

If you've been waiting to buy that new dishwasher, water heater or clothes dryer, Monday is the first day you can register for Arizona's appliance rebates.

The idea is to help consumer replace old, inefficient household appliances with Energy Star appliances.

The covered appliances -- clothes washers, dishwashers and water heaters -- were selected because not only are the Energy Star models more energy efficient, they also reduce water use. Clothes dryers were not included in the program because there are no Energy Star certified models.

In order to be part of the appliances rebate you can call 1-877-307-5336 or go online to to reserve your rebate funds.

Once you have reserved your rebate, you can make your qualifying purchase. If you do not get approved for a rebate, you will not get any money back for your purchase.

Rebates for dishwashers and water heaters have been exhausted and the pot of money for clothes washers is running out quickly this morning.

Rebates range from $75 to $425.

Here's the breakdown:

Washing Machines:
Rebates of $125 or $200 depending on how energy-efficient your new machine is

Rebates of $75 or $125

Water Heaters:
They cost a lot more, so rebates range from $200 to $425, depending on whether you get a gas or electric model.

The program has one key objective: help individual consumers replace old and inefficient appliances with new appliances that are generally 15-50 percent more energy. But the money is only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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