Ohio Appliance Rebate Stimulus Program 2010?

The Ohio Appliance Rebate Stimulus Program 2010 began today, an incentive for customers to invest in Energy Star appliances.

Ohio retailers are extending their hours and state officials have phone banks ready for an expected rush when an Ohio appliance rebate program kicks off Friday march 26 2010.

This rebate program is supposed to stimulate our economy, save Ohioans money, and generate more awareness and use of sustainable appliances.

The program provides rebates that range from $100 to $250 and is designed to encourage consumers to replace energy-wasting refrigerators and other household appliances along with water heaters and heat pumps and recycle their "clunkers," according to Ohio's Energy Resources office.

What are some good offers you have found so far on the Ohio Appliance Rebate Stimulus Program 2010?

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The Ohio Appliance Rebate Stimulus Program 2010 applies to refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, gas storage water heaters, and electric heat pump water heaters, and it ranges from $100 to $250 depending on the appliance.

Sears is offering 15 percent off all appliances, as well as an extra 10 percent off with your Sears card. Hylton also had a coupon, which made the total purchase, including delivery and haul-away of her broken dishwasher, about $700.

With more than 89,000 rebates available, Ohio consumers can reserve and redeem their rebate online at www.OhioApplianceRebate.com or by phone toll-free at (888) 686-8896 for the purchase of ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, high efficiency gas heaters, and electric heat pump water heaters from Ohio retailers. Rebate amounts are $100 - $250, depending on the ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance purchased and only one appliance type per household is eligible. The Web site also provides direct links to the make and model numbers of ENERGY STAR® appliances eligible for a rebate.

Minnesota, which kicked off its rebate program at 8 a.m. Monday, had to shut it down by 9 a.m. Tuesday because all 25,400 rebates had been claimed. Not only did phone lines jam and Web sites crash, but more than 10,000 people who wanted rebates ended up on a waiting list.

Rebate funds may run out before the program is scheduled to end. You are not guaranteed to receive a rebate during the program period.

Jeff Howell, manager of the Sears store at Tri-County Mall, said his store, which opened at 6 a.m. was having few problems getting through to the Web site.

“We processed four or five transactions for customers within the first 10 minutes,” he said.

Ohioans can claim the rebates from today on a first-come first-served basis and full details are provided on the Ohio Appliance Rebate Web site. One rule is that within 3 days of reserving your rebate the new product has to be purchased. Also your old appliances must be recycled and made inoperable.

More information about the Ohio Appliance Rebate Stimulus Program 2010.

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