Printable ACT Practice Test?

I need one full practice ACT exam I can print out. Nothing I need to buy or sign up for, and it has to be the full length of the test, no short sample tests.
I'm taking a practice ACT test out of a book that doesn't provide a guide to scoring the test so I don't like it so much. Does anyone know where I can get old printable ACT practice tests online and free of charge?

asked by Brian in High school | 28367 views | 10-24-2009 at 02:22 AM

Since the official ACT website doesn't have one, I'm not sure you will find one that you can rely on. You're probably taking the test tomorrow, right? In the future, you should get prep materials like Princeton Review books and/or the official ACT Prep Guide (the red book.)

These links contains full printable tests.

answered by Marilyn | 10-24-2009 at 02:25 AM

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