Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas To Make At Home?

All this week I have free and I want to do some simple Christmas decorations because my home doesn't have anything and I feel bad for this. I have a Christmas tree and a few lights but all my family is coming here so I want to do something more to decorate my home but it has to be simple because I'm not so fast. I love to do these things but I'm not very original so I can't create anything but if you give me some simple ideas I will do them. I'm happy because my home will look beautiful with a few Christmas decorations. Thank you.

asked by Aubrey in Holidays | 2206 views | 12-20-2012 at 03:29 PM

Hello, for sure your home will look really nice with a good Christmas decoration but the best thing is that you can create anything you want. I know you said you are not original, but I think that this is the moment to try to invent new things. I will give you some ideas that are simple Christmas decorations, but you can change them or use other materials, because some times we have other things at home that we can use instead of those that I said here. You can make a lot of types of wreaths using paper, apples, ribbons or glitter. Also Noel napkins, pictures with a nice frame, snow balls, painted jars, some simple cards that you can put on the wall or things with paper like Christmas trees, bells, angels or reindeers to put in the tree, the chimney or the door. Some really nice decoration ideas for your home are the Christmas stocking that you can put all over the place, they always look really nice and they are very simple so you won't spend a lot of time.
I hope you like all of these ideas and that you can make really beautiful things to make your house look really nice.

answered by Brooklyn | 12-20-2012 at 03:31 PM

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