What Are Memes Based On?

I really like memes and I don't know in what are they based on, and I want to start doing some. Everyone said I'm not going to have problems with the copyright so it's an interesting topic to write some funny things. The memes are so great!!! The pictures are very good chosen, but I don't know if they are based in real persons. So if you know in what are the most famous memes based on it would be great because now I'm very intrigued.

asked by Asher in Internet | 2429 views | 12-06-2012 at 09:06 PM

The memes are based in real persons, or animals that exist. Some people found this funny pictures and they decided to put different text on it, and that's how the memes were created. You will find some animals that really exist like the grumpy cat or with an unusual outfit like the business cat, chemistry cat or the anti-joke chicken. Other memes are based in celebrities, with phrases that they usually say or they would say in some occasion. Some memes have the perfect face to make jokes about them, or they represent a typical kind of person. So, you will find that the memes are based on different celebrities or animals, and depending on the face or the attitude, each one decides what text to write on them to make them funny.

answered by Colin | 12-06-2012 at 09:07 PM

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