Christmas Food Ideas For Kids?

I have three small kids and this Christmas I don't know what to cook because they don't eat any food, it has to be original and with a good taste, of course. My kids don't like Christmas food so I have to prepare something special because all my family is coming and I want them to eat. I know I'm not the only one with this problem with kids so please help me with this Christmas food to prepare something original!!!

asked by Johanna in Holidays | 2261 views | 12-04-2012 at 05:17 PM

Well, it's difficult to find good Christmas food for kids, but you have to remember that the most important thing is to be creative. You have to use normal food but mix it with other ingredients so they will have fun while they eat healthy food.
The best way is to prepare something with the shape of a Christmas tree, and here you can use salty or sweet food. If you want this like an appetizer you can make them of pizza, vegetables, cheese or broccoli.
For the main dish if you are going to cook ham or turkey I'm sure they will like it, and more if you use the side dishes in an original way.
The best things for kids are the desserts, they love sweet things and you can do a lot of different cookies or cupcakes using Christmas elements, like Christmas trees or snowballs. Following the Christmas tree idea, you can make it with candies, fruits, brownies or wafles. If your kids really like cupcakes, you can decorate them with Santa, snowballs, deers or angels.
Last, but not least, if you really want them to eat, you should cook with them!!!They are going to be so happy telling everyone that they cooked that meal, that I'm sure they will eat everything. Good luck and don't forget to use your imagination!!!

answered by Arielle | 12-04-2012 at 05:18 PM

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