Is Mitt Romney a Mormon or a Christian?

What's the deal with Mitt Romney's religion, is he a Mormon or a Christian? What is the difference between the two anyway?
I know Mitt Romney wants to be the president of the United States, a country characterized for its Christian roots.
What can I expect from a Mormon president? I don't think I want a religious extremist to be my president. We all saw what happened with George Bush Jr. and education in schools. Children are now learning about Evolution as much as Creationism, and that is completely wrong.

asked by Andy in Law & Ethics | 2698 views | 11-07-2012 at 08:40 AM

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. This means he belongs to a group that considers itself to be a restoration of the church founded by Jesus Christ.
Mitt Romney has said he's a Mormon in several interviews.
Also they don't believe in the Holy Bible, or that Jesus had a "magical" birth. Instead of it, they believe he had a natural birth from a Heavenly Father and Mary. Mormons are not religious extremist -at least not in the way we usually think- but are very devoted to his church an beliefs so in the case he won the elections, you should expect something similar to what Bush did.

answered by Patrick | 11-07-2012 at 08:42 AM

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