Map: Where is Auburn University Located?

Where is Auburn University located in the Map?
I've been hearing a lot about it and I think it will be one of my choices but I don't know where it's located.

I heard Auburn is one of the largest universities in the US and was originally an all male school. It was created just 20 years after the city of Auburn's founding.

Can anyone let me know the university location in the map?

asked by Elijah in Universities | 10016 views | 01-11-2011 at 12:47 PM

Auburn University is located in Auburn, Alabama, deep in the rolling hills of East Alabama. The school is 120 miles southeast of Birmingham.

Auburn University on a map of Alabama and Georgia is located near Interstate 85 between Mongomery, AL and Atlanta, GA.

Here's the university located in the map.

Auburn University Map

Academically, Auburn is well-known for its agriculture and architectural programs.

Auburn University is a big school in a small town, but the town is big enough that there's probably lots to do for the college students.

answered by Felix | 01-11-2011 at 12:48 PM

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