Eyeclops Mini Projector Review?

Woot has the EyeClops T28625 Mini Projector for $30 + $5 shipping = $35 shipped.
This little gadget can project video from an iPhone or iPod up to 60 inches.

But is the eyeclops mini projector worth buying? I want to buy it as a gift for the holidays to my kids but I want to make sure it is something that you can actually use.

Where can I read reviews of the Eyeclops Mini Projector?
I want to buy it but a friend said it sucks with the video quality but I'm not sure about that, I've seen some videos on youtube and they look pretty good.

Is the Eyeclops Mini Projector a product you would recommend buying? What does the reviews say?

asked by Alec in Other - Electronics | 3811 views | 12-15-2010 at 07:12 PM

You can read many reviews at the Eyeclops Mini Projector page in Amazon.

I want to emphasize that the Eyeclops Mini Projector is a great toy. This is not a high dollar piece of equipment but for what it's worth it works great.

My kids and my kidsí friends think this is one of the coolest toys ever. They have watched movies projected on the wall & ceiling and have enjoyed playing video games projected as well.

The product is exactly what it sounds like, a very small projector that can be used to project video and other content from a variety of sources onto walls or ceilings.

The projector can be connected to almost everything: DVD players, video gaming consoles, TVs. It is very easy to use.

answered by Lilian | 12-15-2010 at 07:18 PM

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