Lucas Ransom Shark Attack Photo?

Lucas Ransom, a University of California Santa Barbara student who was body surfing 150 yards off the coast of Santa Barbara in Central California, was killed when a shark attacked him and bit off most of his left leg.
This is a photo of Lucas Ransom.

Lucas Ransom Shark Attack

Because of the shark attack, the base has closed the beach, along with Wall and Minuteman beaches, for a minimum of 72 hours.
How did the shark attack happened? Was he still alive when he was taken to the hospital?

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Lucas Ranson was body boarding Friday morning when a large shark took him under by his leg. His friends and other surfers helped him to shore but he bled to death before emergency medical help could arrive.

Lucas Ransom's friend Matthew Garcia said that his friend cried for help. He said it happened "really fast" and that the waves of the normally blue water turned blood red.

Because of recent storm weather, the water was murky and the shark could have mistaken Ransom for its normal prey.

The last shark attack on Surf Beach was in 2008 when a suspected Great White bit a surfer's board though no one was harmed.

A number of public warnings have been issued in California this year following sightings of great whites lurking offshore, though there have been only 12 fatal attacks on humans off the state's coast in 90 years.

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