Whale Hits Boat Pictures & Video?

A couple in Cape Town, had the encounter of their lives. A southern right whale jumped out of the water and crashed onto their sail boat. It was a strong hit, the whale almost destroyed the boat.

Sailors on a neighboring boat managed to snap some stunning pictures of the huge whale shooting out of the water, practically on top of the yacht. My question is: did they take a video too?
There are also pictures that show the destroyed mast of the boat, which the whale snapped like a matchstick as it fell through the air. Can someone please post pictures or a video of the whale hitting the boat?

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The young whale broke the boat's mast and damaged the cabin before falling back into the water, leaving behind barnacles, blubber and skin but no blood – suggesting it wasn't seriously injured.

Mothes, the guy who was in the boat said his 32-foot steel boat held up well, sustaining no structural damage other than a broken mast, despite the massive bulk of the whale.

Here's the picture of the whale. No video was taken of the moment.

Whale Hits Boat

The whale in the picture is a right whale, a blubber-rich species hunted to near-extinction in the mid-20th century. It's so-called because it floats when dead and was therefore the right whale to catch.

Now the Department of Environmental Affairs has launched an investigation after several people came forward to say the boat had broken the law by approaching the whale.

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