Whale Jumping On Boat: Whale Jumps & Lands on Yacht Pics?

A 40-ton whale was caught jumping into a boat. The whale jumped and momentarily flew through the air and gracefully landed – on a South African couple's yacht.
Someone took pictures of the whale's jump and it is one of the best pictures ever taken.

The boat was damaged, but the couple and the whale continued on their separate ways.
Can anyone point me to the pictures of the whale jumping on the boat? I would love to see the pictures online of the moment. Or maybe a video of the how destroyed the yacht is now?

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Werner and Ralph Mothes was the couple on the yacht. They were sailing off of Cape Town, South Africa, last weekend when they spotted a playful whale breaching the surface of the ocean.

Here's a picture of the whale jumping and landing on the yacht.

Whale Jumping On Boat

According to some reports the sailors were aggravating the whale by getting too close, and the collision may have been an angry retaliation by the whale.

Southern right whales have small eyes and poor sight and rely on hearing to avoid danger. Ms. Werner theorizes that because her boat’s engine was off, the whale probably couldn’t hear them and took the leap not knowing they were there.

Alan Boyd, the manager for marine protection and endangered species for South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, said the agency was investigating statements from people who witnessed the incident.

“We are aware of the statements that indicate that a person was deliberately sailing towards the whale and harassing it. It’s good enough (reason) to investigate,” Mr Boyd said.

The guy who took the picture of the whale jumping deserves an award.

answered by Harrison | 07-22-2010 at 09:03 PM

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