Bettina Wulff Tattoo Pictures?

Bettina Wulff is all the rage on the Internet this week, after her husband Christian Wulff became President of Germany. What is causing a lot of controversy is her tattoo on her right shoulder, though she's kept it concealed with sleeves during her time as First Lady. The tattoo is a design that's hard to identify, but it's multicolored and not-so-subtle.

There were as many pictures of Bettina Wulff in a tight black dress -- discreetly covering her shoulder tattoo -- in German newspapers after his election Wednesday than there were of Christian, Germany's 10th post-war president.

Where can I see the pictures online of Bettina Wulff Tattoo?

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Bettina Wulff is a 36-year-old communications manager, who met her husband on a business trip, she became an instant media darling in Germany even before Christian Wulff, 51, was sworn into office Friday as Germany's youngest postwar president.

Here's a picture of Bettina Wulff's Tattoo.

Bettina Wulff Tattoo

The controversy was caused by some people who despise tattoos and hate to see a first lady proudly showing hers.
Bettina Wulff covered her tattoo a bit but she obviously wanted to show it to everyone, otherwise she would have worn something else.

In Germany, Mrs. Wulff has been heralded as the “German Michelle Obama,” which is pretty significant — it says loudly and clearly that Obama is still the trendsetter.

From what I saw in the photo, I really like Bettina Wulff's tattoo and I think it is a demonstrations that we are living in different times.

answered by Maxwell | 07-02-2010 at 10:28 PM

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