Ellie Potvin Cancer Death?

The sweet Ellie Potvin passed away this morning. She was only 8.
Ellie Potvin's death was caused by cancer. What type of cancer did she have? I heard her disease produced lots of tumors on her body.
So sad. My friend had been following this to a degree and she told me about it. hope that the family finds peace to help fill the space of such loss.

Ellie was such a beautiful girl.
Please pray for her family.

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Ellie Potvin was an 8 year old little girl who was fighting relapse rhabdomyosarcoma (a type of childhood cancer) and had 40+ tumors. The doctors did not have anymore treatments from Ellie and gave her 3-6 months to live because all other treatments failed.

As confirmed by Ellie Potvin's Twitter account and her blog on the CaringBridge Lift Up Ellie, Ellie Potvin gained her 'angel wings' at 11:35 am on Wednesday.
She has suffered from a rare form of stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer in the trunk of her body and her lungs and had been fighting for her life since her 2008 diagnosis. She completed numerous rounds of radiation and Chemo but the tumors returned.

Rhabdomyosarcoma is devastaing, to Ellie Potvin's parents shock they learned only 3% of children in the United States have this type of rare pediatric cancer. Out of the 350 children total diagnosed per year, only 175 children have a survival rate past 5 years. The Potvin family was so sad by this crushing prognosis, yet the never stopped fighting.

Ellie Potvin's wake will be at Calvary Church on this Friday at 6:00pm.
Her funeral will be at Calvary church on Saturday at 11:00am

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