Crush The Castle 2 Cheats & Walkthrough?

Have you ever played crush the castle 2?
I'm a bit lost at the game right now and I need help.
Can anyone point me to cheats and maybe a walkthrough guide for Crush The Castle 2?

asked by Demi in PC Games | 8778 views | 06-19-2010 at 02:28 PM

Crush the Castle 2 is latest physics type puzzle game from Armorgames. Even after crushing and capturing Arcturia, the Redvonian King was still longing for more castles to crush. Rumor has it that King Blutias has built sturdier castles in his cluster of islands known as Crushtania the Redvonian King wants them crushed. The King has sent you, his Seige Master, and Halgrim his finest mason, to assemble the greatest minds in the land to destroy Blutias's empire.

These are the walkthrough videos for the game Crush The Castle 2, one of the best castle games from Armor Games.

Some Tips and Guides:

Just beat the game without worrying about medals, if you want 1 shot for every castle in the campaign mode then when you get the bombs go back and get gold medals on all of the castles. At last, use three large bombs to get one shot on every castle. For the dome castles, you throw the rock/bomb up high as a result it comes down harder and works better.

answered by Baker | 06-19-2010 at 02:30 PM

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