Department Of Labor: New York City Unemployment Insurance & Benefits?

How to file unemployment benefits and insurance in New York State? I heard you have a few weeks you can claim unemployment though not certain. It's tough out there and still haven't found a job.
I was laid off ten days ago. How to file for unemployment? Can I file online? Where is the link?

What website can i go to for a unemployment benefit statement in New York? Is there a website i can go to, so i could print out this info?
Someone mentioned the Department Of Labor website to me but I don't know the address.

And would they pay "back up" unemployment since I've been unemployed?
Where is the New York City unemployment office located?

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You should have filed the day after you were laid off as the claim starts the first day you file it and you don't get paid for the first week after filing. That being said, check out the following link of the New York City Department Of Labor and follow the instructions to apply for unemployment insurance & benefits:

For more information, contact your state's local employment office. You can also look in the state government section of your phone book under Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Compensation, Employment Insurance, or Employment Service. Or, you can simply go to the following site that has all the phone number.

When you file for unemployment they do not give you back pay from when you were terminated. Once you file a claim you will have to wait about a week and the following week you will start to receive your funds. You can set up direct deposit, or have your money go on a chase debit card because paper checks are no longer issued.

In the news they are saying that after a bad start in January, New York city made public itís unemployment rate which was 10,4% in January, then this number was lowered to 10,2%.

The NYS New York State Unemployment rate issued by the Department of Labor shows more jobs have been added in February. The New York State unemployment rate dropped as 8100 jobs were added in the private sector during February.

Compared with the February national average of 9.7 percent unemployment, New York City was 0.5 points higher.

answered by Roland | 03-28-2010 at 05:22 PM

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