Norman Rockwell Paintings Info?

I've been looking at some of the paintings done by Norman Rockwell and I like his style. Will sure like to get more info on Norman Rockwell and his amazing paintings.
What type of artwork did Norman Rockwell do? What technique did Norman Rockwell use for his paintings?
Any info you can provide about the artist will be highly appreciated.

asked by Chief in Art | 6007 views | 02-03-2010 at 03:36 AM

Norman Rockwell is a very famous painter of humorous American life. The media he worked with was oil paints; it was amazing the detail he could paint with this inperticular media.

There has been some controversy as to whether or not Rockwell was a painter or an illustrator, and during his lifetime he was regarded largely as an illustrator because of his technique. This is mostly from the snobbish conceptions most people had about art, as it descended is essential quality, allowng many jealous, unskilled people into the field. Rockwell is now getting the respect he deserves as a legitimate master, because people understand his technique is the same as daVinci and Rembrandt.

I too enjoy his paintings, he had a very particular style.

Norman Rockwell captured American nostalgia in his paintings and artistic renditions like no other. Quitting high school to pursue his art career, he didnít have much trouble securing spots with some of the countryís top magazines.

Norman Rockwell's heartwarming illustrations of American life appeared on covers of the Saturday Evening Post magazine for many years.

After President Franklin Roosevelt made a speech to Congress in 1941 describing the "four essential human freedoms," Rockwell created paintings of the four freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. These became very popular later.

answered by Helen | 02-03-2010 at 03:51 AM

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