2011 Ford Explorer Photos?

The 2011 Explorer is expected to be in dealer showrooms by the end of the year. Ford is marketing the 2011 Explorer as a fuel-efficient SUV that is capable of fulfilling the needs of most families.
The starting price of the car will be $1,000 less than the existing model, or $28,995.
Where can I see photos of the 2011 Ford Explorer? I've seen it on TV but I would like to see photos to check it out more in detail.

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Ford is executing a "new media" advance marketing campaign for the 2011 Explorer, much as it did for the Fiesta, which now is in showrooms. The company is unveiling the Explorer on Facebook this morning with invitations extended to 30,000 of Explorer "friends" and their "friends."

One obvious distinction between the 2011 Ford Explorer and its more truck-like predecessors is the SUVís new fuel efficient engine lineup. Customers will be able to pick from two engine choices; a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine displacing just 2.0-liters and developing 237 horsepower and 250 foot-pound of torque, and a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V-6 with twin independently timed overhead camshafts and an output of 290 horsepower. The two engines are 30 percent and 32 percent more fuel efficient, respectively, than the previous generationís V-6 and V-8 powerplants.

Photos of the 2011 Ford Explorer.

2011 Ford Explorer

2011 Ford Explorer car

2011 Ford Explorer interior

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