Turn Off "Car Kit" Mode - LG Phone?

I have this issue when i turn on my phone, there's a message that says "car kit" and when I try to make a call, I can't hear anything or talk, because it is in car kit mode.
I don't really know what this is since I've never used or even owned a car kit, and its just doing this randomly.
How do I turn it off? My cell phone is LG vx7000.

asked by Fred in Mobile Phones | 8419 views | 07-17-2009 at 07:32 PM

Take the battery off the phone and reinstall it.
If this doesn't work then do this.

This seemed to work for me at least for now. I've got the small round thing with like "x" things on it, and I assume that tells me that I have water damage. I didn't even drop it in water...it was in my pocket, and I got caught in the middle of a downpour.
I'm letting it dry out right now, but I got it to work before I started drying out by following the steps I found on another site. Don't really know if it'll work permanently, but it got my phone working for now.

#1) press soft key for menu
#2) then press 0
#3) you'll have a service code prompt, type 000000
#4) then type 2 (it should be field tests)
#5) then type 4 (clear errors)
#6) choose yes for clear errors
#7) press clear once
#8) type 1 (Service Prg)
#9) choose ok soft button (in the middle) all the way through until the end. Then the phone will reset.

About half way through the tests, my phone started making noise (keypad beeps).

answered by Can3 | 07-17-2009 at 07:37 PM

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