Funny St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Sayings?

Me and my friends want to make shirts for St. Patty's day, and I want to put some sort of funny quote or saying about the holiday.
They can be as inappropriate or tame as you want, as long as they are original and funny!
The quotes or sayings should be funny enough to make me stand out at a St. Patrick's Day party.
I would appreciate any help, thanks guys.

asked by Issac in Holidays | 5674 views | 03-14-2011 at 05:23 AM

Here are some funny quotes and sayings about St. Patrick's Day.

Don't Taze me bro', I am only drunk cause it's St. Patty's day.

Ninety percent I'll spend on good times, women and Irish Whiskey. The other ten percent I'll probably waste.

May you be in Heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you're dead.

It is better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money!

Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover? You don't want to press your luck.

answered by Plainview | 03-14-2011 at 05:24 AM

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