Megyn Kelly GQ Photos?

Megyn Kelly from Fox News is in GQ Magazine’s December issue. She is pictured in a tight black dress, twirling her hair, and looking a bit provocative.
I tried to see the GQ photos in a Fox News online article, but only Megyn Kelly's face is shown, cropping out the other features of the photo from the GQ article.

While Megyn Kelly’s fanbase seemingly has no problem with the photo others are wondering if posing in such a way will undermine Megyn Kelly’s credibility.
Is Fox hiding her body because it considers it nonprofessional? Does anyone know where I can see all the pictures of Megyn Kelly in GQ magazine?

asked by Gavin in Television | 4402 views | 11-22-2010 at 06:04 PM

Megyn Kelly posed in a body-hugging, cleavage-revealing dress for GQ. Kelly was part of an article titled She Reports, We Decided She's Hot" by Greg Veis.

The GQ article has generated some controversy for obvious reasons.
Megyn Kelly’s GQ photo has some people saying that as a news anchor, she shouldn’t be posing in a suggestive way.
Some claim the seductive nature of the photos takes away any credibility Megyn Kelly is trying to earn in journalism.

In the GQ article, Megyn Kelly joked about rumors that she'd had an affair with Fox News patriarch Brit Hume, discussed her appearance in an ab workout video, and defended her coverage of the New Black Panthers Party story earlier this year.

answered by Evan | 11-22-2010 at 06:05 PM

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