I keep on getting dizzy and light headed?

There is something wrong with me. Every now and then I get randomly dizzy and light headed and everything blacks out for a couple of seconds.
It happens mostly when I'm in front of the computer or doing something in the kitchen.
Maybe I need to go see my doc. Can anyone suggest what I should do or why I get dizzy and light headed so easily?

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It could be low blood sugar if you haven't eaten for awhile.
If you have migraines, it could be part of the aura for you.

I suggest that you try keeping a record of what you eat and when- as well as what. The more complex carbs you eat, the steadier your blood sugar is. If you aren't getting enough protein, and eating way too much simple sugars(candy, cokes, refined sugar products), you can get a high spike and then when the sugar burns off, a sharp blood sugar drop.

Here are some things to think about when you get easily dizzy or light headed:
1) Are you drinking enough water a day? It's the element of life. Drink plenty of water. It is the way your body can flush out bad stuff and lubricate what it has.
2) Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Maybe your health problem has psychological roots. (I mean besides the stress and anxiety of not knowing why your body is acting abnormally.)
3) Are you wearing any type of earplugs regularly? Walkman earbuds, etc? Try to stay away from reusing earplugs, or wear headphones. My cousin had a similar problem for wearing these things.
4) Do you wear anything around your neck? Is it tight? Keep things around your neck as loose as possible, because the smallest thing like wearing a tight necklace can make you dizzy when getting up.

I would make an appointment with your doctor.
Also, you might be living, schooling, or working too close to a cell phone or wifi tower or antenna.

answered by Theresa | 01-07-2010 at 07:36 PM

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